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Music Awards

Congratulations to Kevin B.

He has won an "Artistry Award" from Coweta Fayette Music Teachers Association. I am very proud of him. He was chosen as the number one performer out of fifty performers at the Georgia Federation Music Club. 


Congratuations to the following students who have won the rewards from National Federation of Music Clubs:

6th year with Superior Rating and 2nd trophy: Chris G.

5th year with Superior & Excellent Rating: Rebekah G.

5th year with Superior Rating: Ivie C. D.

5th year with Superior & Excelent Rating: Gloria S.

4th year with Superior Plus Rating: Olivia L.,

3rd year with Superior Rating and 1st trophy:  Ashlyn M., Brianna S.

3rd year with Superior & Excellent Rating:  Adrian T.

2nd year with Superior Rating: Aliyah R., Bernadette d., Emily L., Noa J., 

2nd year with Superior & Excellent Rating:  Alexys M., 

1st year with Superor Rating:  Leila W., Michael T., Noah S., Stacey F.,  Torrance R., Tyler J.,  Zaq A.

1st year with Excellent Rating: Kaitlyn T., 

Last Update: July 26, 2012