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How to sign up lessons

Before you sign up a lesson, please read this:
I am a Classical trained piano teacher with over 35 years in piano teaching. I will take students that is really serious in learning piano. It is going to be a long process if you want to be successful in playing piano. Playing piano is like a process of growth of a human being. It takes time for a baby to grow up to be an adult. If you are just looking for a short term solution. If you feel you just want to see if your children will like it before you want to be commit to piano lessons. Can I please give you a very honesty opinion. The answer to that is your child will not want to stay with playing piano after a few months. And you will be feeling you are wasting money because asking your child to practice piano becoming a fight in between you and your child.  Because the majority of human being doesn't like to work.  When a child realized that they have to practice, they will not want to taking lessons after a while. I do not want to give you a sugar coated lies in order for earning money from you. 
After you read this. And you want to sign up. I will be very happy to teach your child. 
God is my provider and He is always provide for my daily need.   

Please contact Joy at (678) 590-1172 or fill up this form

Thank you for contacting Joyful Sound Piano Studio. You can contact Joy at (678) 590-1172. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
The monthly flat fee is different depend on the location.
An one time $15 registration fee for new enrollment.
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Have a blessed day.
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