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Joy's New Composition: Walking in Heaven


New Piano Solo: Count Grace


Learning to play piano does not only improve kids' grades at school, but it also brings joy and peace to the earth. This is the reason why the prophets in the bible give their prophecy when musicians bring down the anointing from heaven.

God has create a special gift for His children here on earth. This gift can help us to overcome every stage of struggle and every opposition in our everyday lives. This gift can help us win the victories in our daily battles of life. We can become victors in many situations. No matter the stituation is our sicknesses, or mental illnesses, or finance struggles. This gift can also bring love, peace, and joy into our hearts so that we can live life abundantly This gift is called "music". 

Is your heart melted by piano music?

If yes, you have come in to the right place.

My Services:

Piano & Flute Lessons:

Stay home and learn lessons online using Skype or Google Video.

You can also learn lessons at studios in Newnan and South Atlanta/Fulton.

Chinese Lessons: 

Need to have a business trip to China?

Learn how to speak Chinese. 

You can also learn how to write Chinese.

 Online or at the two studios.

Scoring Music/ Music Notation

If you have music playing in your head and you want to be able play the music on the piano, you have come to the right place. I will be able to help you find the correct keys for your song and will also be able to write down sheet music if you want. I can also record the song you heard and help you publish it. All you need is to give me your recording. 


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Become the light shine for God!!
Loving Kisses
Joy Gilmore (Hsin-Hui) (Joy Gilmore (Hsin-Hui)'s Album)