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About Joy Gilmore


My name is Joy Gilmore.  I am a concert pianist. 

Playing piano is a major part of my life.  

I started to play piano when I was 7.  I became a concert pianist after I received my BA degree in piano performance and church music.  I am still playing piano till this day. 

Piano lessons is not only improve kid's grades at school but also brings joy and peace to the earth.  This is the reason why the prophets in the bible will give their prophecy when the musician brings down the anointing from heaven. 

Is your heart melted by the piano music? 

Do you have music running in your head and you want to scoring it down? 

Are you own a recording studio and wanted to learn more on the midi keyboard you are using?

I hope you enjoy this website.  

And it is becoming a blessing in your lives.  Thanks