Joyful Sound Policy

  1. How does the private lessons work?

    You will have 4 half hour lessons every month. No lessons on the 5th week.

  2. What are the costs to start the piano lessons?

    $15 registration fee/one student, (add $5 for each additional student) and a monthly flat fee. You will have a starter packet with your paid registration fee. If you start from the 2nd week of the month, you will only need to pay for the remaining lessons for the first month.

  3. Is the monthly fee pro-rated if I start on the second or third week of the month?

    Yes, The fist monthly is pro-rated. The pro-rated fee is $24 per lessons. Starting the second month you will be charge the montyly flat fee.

  4. What is in the starter packet with registration fee?

    A permanent time slot held just for you. Assignment folder with refill paper. Custom level flashcards. Free tote bag.

  5. Do I need to buy piano books?

    Yes, you will need to buy books according to your level. I use five books to help you in each level. The cost of these books is around $28 to $39. I have all the books you need here at the studio. You can also buy the books at the store or online.

  6. Can I pay by the lessons?

    Yes. The rate for pay-by-lesson is different.  The rate is $35 for one half hour lesson.  And the studio will not be responsible for holding your slot for you.

  7. What happens to the 5th week?

    The 5th week is the week for the teacher to make-up lessons that have been missed from holiday and school breaks. It is not for individual make-up.

  8. What happen if I miss a lesson?

    The studio is responsible for holding your time slot with your monthly payment whether you come to the lesson or not. A lesson missed by the student is not qualified for rate adjustment. You will need to fill out an "Absent Form" located in your assignment folder and give it to the teacher. The teacher will reschedule another time to make it up. MAKE-UP LESSONS WILL ONLY BE SCHEDULED WITH AN "ABSENT FORM". Cancellation through email or phone is not eligible for make-up lessons.

  9. Is the make-up lessons limited?

    Yes. You are limited to have one make-up lesson every three months. The family with 3 and more siblings is not eligible for make-up lessons. You have received discount rates every month. No make-up lesson will be roll over.

  10. I call the studio to cancel my lesson few hours before the scheduled time. Will I be able to schedule a make-up lesson with the absent form?

    No. Student should inform your teacher 24 hours before your lessons time if you are going to be absent. A weekly lesson time is holding for you only and cannot be replaced in a few hours. You have made a commitment by coming on the scheduled time slot every week with your monthly payment. The studio will not be responsible for the student's absent.

  11. What should I do to make-up the missing lessons?

    1. Email, text or call teacher at least 24 hours before the lesson time.

    2. Fill out and turn in the "Absent Form" and turn it in before next lesson.

    3. Pay the additional fee if you over the limit within 3 months.

  12. What about the missing lessons due to the weather conditions?

    No, The studio will not be responsible for the missing lessons due to the weather condition such as snow, flood and other.

  13. What happens if I have to miss more than one lesson within a three month period?

    The studio will offer make-up lessons with an extra $5 charge for each make-up lesson.

  14. What happens if the teacher missed the lesson?

    It is teacher's responsibility to offer make-up lessons at no additional costs.

  15. Are discounts given to a family with multiple students?

    Yes, discounts given for multiple students of 3 and more.

  16. Is the studio closed on national holidays?

    Yes, The studio will be close on the following holidays: Thanksgiving (November), Christmas(December) & New Year Eve.

  17. Is the studio closed on school breaks?

    The studio will only close on the Spring break (April).  The studio will be open on other school breaks such as Winter break, etc. Please inform the teacher at least two days before the lesson time. The studio will schedule a make-up lesson at no additional cost.

  18. Can I roll over my un-attended lessons?

    The studio is not responsible for students absent. Please note that the studio is selling "time". We all know that we can not restore time. 

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