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How to sign up lessons

Before you sign up a lesson, please read this:

I am a Classical trained piano teacher with over 37 years in piano teaching. I will take students that is really serious in learning piano. It is going to be a long term process if you want to be successful in playing piano.
Playing piano is like the process of human growth. It is going to take time for a baby to grow up to be an adult. Parent's involvement is very important in your child's progression.
Many parents are telling me that their child is showing the interest of want to play piano. So they just want to enroll their child in for a while and see if their child like it. 
If you feel you just want to see "if your child will like it" before you commit to piano lessons. Can I please give you a very honesty opinion. This advise is from over 37 years experience piano teacher. The answer to that is your child WILL NOT want to stay in playing piano after a while. Some are getting tired after a few months. Some are getting tired of playing piano after a few weeks.
Why are they getting frustrated. It is simply because lack of practice and discipline. When a student don't have a piano at home to practice, they will no be able to make any progression. When they are not making any progression, teachers will not be able to teach them more. Therefore, with "non-practice" piano students, all we can do is repeat the same thing over and over. We as a teacher cannot teach students who doesn't have abailablity to play. It is like putting a 1st grader to 5th grade class. The 1st grader is not mentally ready to learn things in the 5th grade. After a while, you will be feeling wasting money and time.  Because asking your child to practice piano becoming a fight in your family. Parent's involvement is extremely important in piano student's learning. We as a teacher just teach. What makes piano students making progress is practice at home. Training your child to play on a set schedule is very important. Sit with them until they get into a habit of playing piano.
 I can give you many example. I teach two students at the same age. They started taking lessons from the beginning at the same time. M and L are friends.  They go to same school.  L's mother is always sitting with her. Make sure she practice. M's mother is busy with life, she drop him off at the studio and pick him up after. M never practice at home. It took M a long time to get his method books.  M also don't bring the books every lessons. Normally, he puts his book bag in mom's car. And sometime, his dad drop him off. But his books are in mom's car from previous week.  Two years later, L is playing sonatina, minuet by Bach and Waltz by Chopin. M at the same time, still struggling with RH or LH coordination. M is still not be able to use correct hands when he read the grand staff on the premier level book.  M also struggled reading a simple note.
There is a big huge difference in between these two students.

I am a piano teacher who will teach the students who is serious in piano learning.  

Thank you for taking your time to read this. 


Please contact Joy at (678) 590-1172 or fill up this form

Thank you for contacting Joyful Sound Piano Studio. You can contact Joy at (678) 590-1172. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
The monthly flat fee is different depend on the location.
An one time $15 registration fee for new enrollment.
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