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Notes from Parents & Students

"Dear Mrs Joy, Thank you for all your hardwork.  I never thought that anyone could teach me piano. Hope you have a good summer..."  --  Kyla C.  --  May 2012

"Thank you for being a great teacher, We'll miss you..."   --  Brianna S. --  May, 2012

"Ms. Joy, Thank you so much for your patience with Tyler as he prepared for the Federation. I know he is not always the most engaged student, but I know he will learn to cherish this experience as he grows.  Your encouragement to move him forward was just what he need to be successful.  I sincerely appreciate your flexibility and caring nature.  We could never thank you enough. Have a great day! Miracles and Blessingsā€¦"   --  Chaunte' J. -- March , 2011

"Ms. Joy, Great job on the Recital!  Praise the Lord for your testimony and ministry! Thanks so much for the CD!"  -- Rebekah G. -- May 2011

"Ms. Joy, We really appreciate you! Ms. Gilmore - We can't thank you enough for all of your generosity and patience with my children.  We know that one day they will be great paianist. And it's all because of having a wonderful teacher like you.  We pray that God will richly bless you and your family"  -- Tangie I.  Nov. 2009

"Mrs. Gilmore, I started piano when I was 7. The first time I was scared. Then you gave me homework.... I'm not scared for the recital. Piano is fun. Thank you for teaching me."  -- Hannah R. -- Nov 2009