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Paper Major Scales


This paper major scales is designed to help students to play scales easily. Each scales has right hand and left hand finger numbers mark. With keys names.  Place these papers on the piano. Color  coded for each keys.


Instructions for using these paper key scales:

How to download: Click on the picture you want. The pdf file should be open in the next window. You will be able to print it from that page. Thanks

Teachers and Students, Thank you for downloading this chart.

About the (*) marking

On the keys, there are two different types of numbers.

The regular numbers, like “1 2 3 4 5”, are for the right hand.

The numbers with the circles, like “1 2 3 4 5”, are for the left hand.

If the (*) is before a number like *1 or *1, it means that it is in the 1st octave of the scale.

If the (*) is after a number like 1* or 1*, it means that it is in the last octave of the scale.

The numbers with underline, it means that is the 2nd and the 3rd octave of the scale.

The dotted lines indicate that you can attach two key scales together to make one longer scale.

Because of the limitations of the paper setup, there are only three octaves on each key.

This paper scale keyboard can help piano beginners start lessons and helps make practice easier.

However, it is NOT RECOMMENDED for long term use.

How to Print

This pdf is designed for two sided (duplex) printers.

Both sides on the same paper supposed to be in “up side down” format.

Make sure you enable the two sided print function.

You should be able to have a paper scale for three octaves on both sides.

Materials: I used the card stock from Sam’s club. It is 110lb greeting card paper. It is the cheapest one on the market. It cost $7.98 for 275 sheets. All of the papers are laminated.

Right Hand Ascending in C Major 01

Right Hand Ascending in C Major 02

Paper Keyboards: Basic Keys, Middle C & C position

Paper Keyboards:
Major Keys

Paper Keyboards:
Harmonic Minor Keys

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