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Piano lessons is benefiting our brains. As we know that we need to eat, so that our physical body can grown up and getting stronger and healthier. But seldom, people are lack of knowledge of the growth of our brain cells. Our brain cell needs to have a proper care like we care for our physical body. Playing piano is one of the brain food. Here are the article of the benefit of learning piano.

Your Kid’s Brain on Music – Infographic

We’re always sharing on Twitter and Facebook studies that show how great music is for kids, especially when they’re learning how to play an instrument. These tweets and posts are sometimes lost in newsfeeds and timelines, but what they say still remains true, sometimes even long after your kid has lost interest in the instrument.

Some things are pretty logical, such as how fun and motivating music can be. But others are pretty awesome. Did you know that people who learned an instrument when they were young are actually better at picking up foreign languages – for the rest of their lives? Another study showed that high school students involved in music actually do better on their SATs. Improvements can be seen in all portions of the tests, but guess which one gets the highest boost in scores? No, not math: the verbal portion. Amazing!

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Why Playing Piano??

"If you’re looking for a perfect way to keep your mind sharp, piano playing is the solution. It exercises several different parts of the mind and body, while providing you with years of musical enjoyment. Whether you play piano currently or are thinking about starting, playing piano is great brain food............."

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Playing piano benefit Children

"While many parents agree that enrolling children in sports is a good way to condition their children (both physically and socially), an increasing amount of parents are realizing that enrolling their children in music classes brings many benefits to the children.

The most popular instrument for music lessons is still the piano, but there are a myriad of other instruments to choose from. However, for the sake of this article, the focus will remain solely on the piano, although many examples given here can be tweaked and used pertaining to other instruments.........."

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