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Piano and Flute Lessons




Teaching adults and children from 3 years old to 90 years old.

Private Piano Lessons:

for the adults and children from age 4 and up.

Private Flute Lessons:

for the adults and children from age 10 and up.

Group Piano Lessons:

form the young children from age 2 to 5.

(For the group lessons, it is required at least 3 students to start a group lesson session.)

Online Lessons:

Stay home and learn piano using Skype, Google Hangout.

Iphone Facetime.

Must have Skype or Google account.

Studio Lessons:

 Two locations South Atlanta/Fulton and Newnan.

How is the lessons work?

The lesson will be given once a week (half hour). 

4 (half hour) lessons a month.  A monthly flat fee is due on the first week of every month. The rate will be different if you wish to pay by the lesson.Discounts to two sibling students or more. 

How to sign up for lessons

You can call (678) 590-1172 or fill out the form. Or click on how to register.

Lessons Fee and Registration Fee

Joyful Sound Piano Studio has two locations: 

South Fulton (near Atlanta airport, Camp Creek & Fairburn) and Newnan.

The studio is charging monthly flat fee.

The studio will NOT charge individual lessons.

To find out the fee, please call or submit the form on the right.

A one time registration fee ($15 per student) will be due with first month tuition payment. (New enrollment only)

A tote bag, assignment book, paper keyboard will be included with the registration fee.

Students will need to buy their own piano method books.

What's included

in the private

one on one piano lessons?


Learn from piano methods books

This is a foundation methods. Students will be assigned songs each
week. From the books, students will learn finger coordination, note reading and sight reading, rhythm counting & music theory.
We also learn above skills separately using board games, flash cards and other creative activities.

(Students need buy their own methods books online or from local store.
Teacher will teach from these method books. Click here to books and materials)


Music Games Library

Joyful Sound Piano Studio is proud to present the Music Game Library system.  Joyful Sound Piano studio is the one and only studio in the south side of Atlanta offering this special music games library system to all parents and students. You will not find any other piano studio in the area offering piano students and parents music games library.
This Music Games Library is allowing students and parents use the games at the studio or at the comfort of your home. With these fun game package, leaning piano and music theory has becoming the fun activities for your whole family. These game library also motivates your child.


Finger Coordination Flash Cards


Rhythm Training with cups and bells


Musical Zoo for toddler by Joy Gilmore:
Joy Gilmore has create and develop a new curriculum called Musical Zoo. Musical Zoo is great for the young beginners who is struggle with finger coordination. Especially with rhythm and tempo.


Created teaching by Joy Gilmore:
Joy found that many creative and useful teaching ideas. Turning household items, Dollar store items or recycling items in piano teaching.


Computer Lab on Ipad


Piano Maestro by Joytune:
This is an ipad app that is fun. Students can play many their favorite songs with background music play alone.


Note Rush for note reading
Note Rush is focusing on learning all notes on the staff.


Sprout Beats by Fun and Learn Music:
This is another ipad app only teaches music theory. Fun and cute pictures with music math, note and symbol recognition and much more.


Fun Music Learning Apps


Technique Exercises
Joy has rearranging many finger technique exercises. The traditional piano technique is hard for all beginners. Joy rearranged these difficult technique exercises to easy and fun exercises.
It is includes I love scales, Simple Hanon, Hanon Gym, Hop on Arpeggio, Scales are fun, Finger Dance.
Some technique exercise are free to public.


Adults & Teens

Joy can arranged any songs (pop song, r&b, chart hit, hymns, seasonal songs) according to each student's level. Here are some arranged songs.


For the intermediate and advance students
Finger technique: Scales and arpeggio
Hanon, Czerny, Burgmuller, etc.
Music history, advance theory.
Classical piano skills development.
Ear training.

Other Services from Joy

Church Back-up Musician.  Musician for Party, Wedding, Events.  Music Notation/Scoring, Piano tuning.

Piano Technician

Janssen Piano Services   (678) 416-8055   (770) 253-5083