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Bring Down Your Glory, Lord by Joy Gilmore

Praise & Worship

1. A Broken Heart

2. Beautiful Lord

3. Bring Down Your Glord, Lord

4. I love You, My Father

5. In Love With Him

6. It's All About You

7. Jesus, Help Me To Close

8. Jesus, I Really, Really Love You

9. Jesus, I Want To Kiss

10. Lord God, Almighty God

11. Lord I Yield

12. Lord, My Desire

13. Lord, Steal My Heart

14. Lord, Your Love

15. Make Me An Instrument of Your Love

16. No One Can Compare

17. Only Love

18. Only You, Jesus

19. Only You Are Worthy

20. Peace, Saith the Lord

21. Perfect Love

22. The Beautiful Healer

23. The Beautiful Lover

24. The Love That I Can Not Understand

25. There Is A Song

26. You Are My Owner

27. You Are The Comfertor

28. You Are The Only One

29. Wonderful Lord

Last Update: August 16, 2011