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Studio Policy

1. No Make up lessons if students miss their original lesson time. A lesson time is reserved for students each week whether students come in or not. Please keep in mind that you are paying for the time. We cannot reuse or recall that time.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to reserve a time slot for a student at the same time every week. Therefore, it is the students’ and parents’ responsibility to come at the same time every week. When students miss the assigned lesson time and ask to schedule a make-up lesson, it means that the teacher has to use extra time to teach.  It is not the teacher’s responsibility to make up any missing lessons.  Regular and prompt attendance is required to make appropriate progress.

2. No refunds or roll over lessons to the next upcoming month if the student misses their lessons. The studio shall not assume any financial responsibility for a student’s absence(s). The monthly flat fee will not roll over to the next month nor will it be reduced under any circumstances. 

3. No-shows and cancellations will be charged. Canceled lessons and no-shows are not eligible for refunds and make-up lessons.

4. Missing lessons because of vacation or being out of town, doctor’s appointments, school activities, busy schedules, lack of preparation, sport activities, weather conditions, traffic jams, or forgetting your book will not be eligible for scheduling a make-up .

5. You can choose to swap your time with another student on the same week of your absent day. There is an option on the studio contract. You can choose “yes” to put it on the swap list, which allows you to swap times with other students. Or, if you choose “no” on the swap list, you will not be contacted by other parents.

6. Swap lessons are limited. It is only good for the students that are paying the full monthly fee. For those who receive discounts (sibling and other discounts), will not eligible for swapping lessons.

7. Emergency or sickness: I understand that emergencies occur. However, it takes away from studio time.  Therefore, the teacher will try to find time to make up the lesson if there is an opening on the same week. It is not a guaranteed.

8.If a student misses a scheduled make-up lesson, the studio will not re-schedule the make-up lesson for a different time.

9. Absent notifications via phone call or leaving voicemail are not acceptable.  Texting is the best way to reach your teacher.

10.Lessons missed by the teacher will be rescheduled on the 5th week or on the same week.

11. With severe weather, the studio will do the online Skype lesson, Facetime, Hangout lesson on your regular lesson time. Students will need to be willing to have lessons via internet. It is not studio's responsibility for the severe weather.

12. Terminate lessons: One month notification if you want to terminate the lesson. Please make sure you pay for the remaining balance.

13. The studio will not accept terminate lesson at the first lesson of each month. It is still the student's responsibility to pay in full for the late termination.

»»Joyful Sound Piano Studio reserves the rights to remove students from their lesson slot for the following reasons: Students are absent without informing the teacher for two weeks. The absent policy may change with public notice..««

How Swap Lessons Work

Swap lessons is for the students who arranged their absent ahead of time.

The studio is not responsible for student's absent under any situation (Includes severe weather). 
Late absent notification (3 days prior you lesson time) is not eligible for swap lessons.
Please let your teacher know your absent day at least one week prior your absent day.

1. Please put a check mark in the box on the agreement form to join the swap list when you sign up. This will allow the studio to share your contact information to other students/parents on the swap list.

2. Please text the teacher on or before Sunday of each week. Or even earlier. (Please do not call the studio for your absent. Text msg your teacher. Text msg will allow us the keep track of everything for future record). Please also include the date and time that you prefer for make up. (For example: if your lesson is on Wednesday, March 10, Please text teacher before or on Sunday, March 6th. Also, please let teacher know what day and time you'd preferred)

3. The teacher will give you the contact number of the parents on the swap list.
Students will be responsible for contact the student/parents that you want to swap with. After you swap the lesson successfully, please contact teacher immoderately. The swap lessons are limited on the same week. For example, You can swap the lesson with other student on the same week that you are going to be absent. Please do not swap lessons with others for different week.
5. Swap lessons is limited. It is also depend on the available slots. It is not a guarantee either. (Please try not to be absent will be the best solution)

6. The teacher is responsible to hold on the certain time that students is preferred with monthly flat fee. If a student request  teacher to used an extra time besides their regular lesson time slot to make-up a lessons for a student's absent, that will be an extra charge for the make-up lessons that is taking away teacher's personal time.