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If life, we are always going through tough time. Some of us maybe have a situation that needs support or wisdom. Or help in a legal issues.

I am a single mother with three teen age kids. I came to states in 1993 and met my ex-husband. I got married in 1994 and start my life in America. I never thought my marriage will be ended with a heart broken. I was alone when I going through divorce. My family is in another country. And yet, God is a merciful God. He brought some people in my life to help me go through the lowest point of my life. 

I began to realized that we can not prevent bad things that happened to us. But we can help one another, support one another. Especially, with the people that is going the same thing that I've gone through. Helping them to stand up on their feet again.

When I looked back to my life. I have notice that God had send so many special people to help me walk through the valley of my life. If our lives, sometimes we can get up again when we fall. But sometimes, we fall in a very deep place, and we need some one to throw a rope to us so we can climb up and stand up on the ground again. 

I believed God is a good God. And yes, I did complained, throwing tempertentron, getting angry at God, lost my hope, feeling hopeless. But now, when I can stand on my feet again, I realized that God is helping me to grow up. Going through pain and suffering is the best thing for us in our-lives. Because we can grown up and become a better person.

We can be a light to shine at the world. God is the God of caring, loving and giving.  God loves to give his children abundant lives. God loves to bless his own children with love, joy and peace.  We as a Christian is to follow God's heart and Jesus's footsteps.  In 2008, God began to earge my heart to set up a website for Him. God had show me that if each one of us can become a small light. Like a candle. We love one another and care for one another. Spreading the light to the ones that is hurting.  Telling people that there is a hope in Jesus's blood.  We, the smallest candle light can join together and become the light that shine in the darkness.

I obey God's calling and set up this website. I am sharing all the songs for free.  Hope the songs that God gave me can bring people hope for the future.  This website will be the place people can put in their prayer request.  Or, for the people who love God and sharing their testimony or to encourage one another.